Local Walk to Llanglydwen Cromlech

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Within easy reach of Anfodd is the magnificently chambered tomb of Gwal y Filiast, a Cromlech (or Dolmen) nestled in breathtaking woodland and forestry. It's a perfect afternoon walk within a short drive from the cottage, at any time of the year.
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Gwal y Filiast (Bwrdd Arthur) is a chambered tomb near the village of Llanglydwen in West Wales. It is just a short 5 miles from Anfodd Countryside Retreat and a fantastic walk in any weather. Set within expansive mixed woodland, on a high point over looking a river valley, the magnificent ancient Cromlech (or Dolmen) is full of mystery, magic and beauty. A large capstone that points in the direction of the River Taf below, sits upon four orthostats (upright stones). Surrounded by a ring of large beech tree's, all bestowing the engraved names of past visitors as far back as the 1940s, this is a very fascinating place steeped in history.

Just a short drive from Anfodd Countryside Retreat, you can make use of the nearby roadside parking before taking the public right of way by foot, down a farm lane and through the woodland (approx 1.22km). You can either return the way you came or take the looped walk as marked on OS maps that will take you into the woodland and up a different farm lane until you reach the highway, a little further down the road from where you parked originally.

The river you'll hear below you is the River Taf, which runs alongside the former Cardi Bach railway line that operated between Whitland and Cardigan until 1962 when it closed. This walk is dog friendly, though ensure dogs are kept on a lead at all times.

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